Peter Thomsen photography seminar about to begin

By admin, 25/07/2012 12:08

Petur Thomsen photographer and artist held a series of photography seminars on the use of digital cameras last spring. They were fully booked and this fall he has decided to repeat the seminar.

The seminar is for beginners and medium advanced users using “mirror” cameras and DSLR cameras such as Canon Eos 450D, Eos 60D, Nikon D5000, D3100 or compatable.

All the basics will be covered, on how to take better pictures and to get the most out of your camera. The functionality of all buttons, settings and menus will be covered as well as shutter speed, ISO, WB, RAW files, lighting, depth clarity and more.

The seminar covers three nights from 19:00-22:00 and will be held on 30th of November, 5th and 7th of December . Sign up Here.


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