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Toppstöðin is a power plant of ingenuity and craft, situated in an old power station in Elliðaárdalur in Reykjavik. Toppstöðin has the objective to support innovation within manufacturing and design as well as to enhance the connection between the two trades. The project was launched in the fall of 2009 in a 6500 sq ft area of the building, which is divided into offices, workshops and a meeting area. Around 20 individuals will get permanent workspace at the first stages of the project; flex-spaces are also available, where people can utilize the space on a day to day basis. It is anticipated that a further expansion of the facilities will be made possible in the coming months.

Toppstöðin is a communal based organization with a dual purpose. Firstly, it is to offer innovation and growth opportunities for the development of the ideas of designers and workers that will consequently add new value as well as create job opportunities. Secondly, it is to encourage a public awakening of the necessities of design and trade in a wider context. The operation of Toppstöðin will be largely based on the work contributed by the Toppstöðin individuals. Toppstöðin is a non-profit organization where all future earnings will go directly to support the operations of the project.

Toppstöðin will in the coming months build up an active program with a diverse agenda, lectures, workshops, courses and development projects among other things. Next fall a “contact network” will be launched through our website where the plan is to map out the specific industrial “know how” within the community and thus increase the opportunities of collaborations between designers and the industry. This will enhance the potential of individuals to add value and create export revenue.

We encourage anyone interested to contact us via email: toppstodin@gmail.com

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