Building History

By admin, 31/05/2011 12:00

The accommodation is an American 6400 m2 steel frame building which was constructed as a 7500 kw power plant with powerful turbine for electricity production after world was II. The turbine was assigned to be in reserve in power line failures from Sog. The square measure of the grounds of the building itself is around  2100 m2 and was located on the east bank of the Elliðaár and began its operation in April 1948. The name Toppstöðin comes from the fact that the power plant was used in high energy need. The plant used water from the river Elliðaá and also served as a auxiliary station. The plant came in good use especially from 1950-1952 when the water was low in Sog because of lack of rainwater. The use of Toppstöðin ended when the Búrfell power plant was finished in 1969. The owner of the building is Landsvirkjun and the owner of the land is Orkuveita Reykjavíkur. The building was intended to be demolished but it has not been executed as it turned out to be very expensive. Today the building serves as a facility for entrepreneurs in various kind of product design in their earlier stage and use 600 m2 of the total area.

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