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Powerhouse of design and inventiveness in Toppstöðin in Elliðaárdal

Toppstöðin is a centre for entrepreneurs run by Toppstöðin, a non profit organization located in an old power plant at Rafstöðvarvegur 4 in Elliðaárdalur in Reykjavík. Tventy entrepreneurs in product design and production have their facilities at Toppstöðin. They work on diverse innovative projects amongst others: car- , lamp-, clothes- and furniture design, architecture, graphic design, business administration and marketing management, metalsmith workshop, a turner and a tinsmith which make prototypes. Toppstöðin is thought as a supporting network for growth companies in product design and the purpose is to encourage teamwork within design and trade to increase production manufacturing domestically and increase employment and sustainability. In addition to be a support network for companies in their early stages the organization encourages education and awakening about the importance of design and trade in Icelandic community. This is done in an open program of lectures and exhibitions in cooperation with the Reykjavík city council, educational institutions, incubators centers and companies.

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