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Sæmundur Ásgeirsson
is one of the creators and founders of Toppstöðin. Furthermore, he is the chairman of the board. Sæmundur is building contractor and works as a project manager and operation administrator for Félagsbústaðir. On top of continuous volunteer work for Toppstöðin, Sæmundur takes part in the vigorous labour at Snarfari sailingclub. Sæmundur is a countryboy from head to toe and is an experienced potatoharvester.,  Tel: +354 822 1510



Andri Snær Magnason is one of the founders of the Toppstöðin organization. He is a writer and has published novels, poetry, plays and professional literature. In addition to that, he directed the documentary “Draumalandið” together with Þorfinnur Guðnason. Andri´s work has been printed in over 20 languages, most recently in Danish, Chinese and Japanese. Andri is pronounced public speaker and has partaken in various assignments over the years. He has, along with architects, been a part of the winning proposal for Krikaskóli in Mosfellsbær that will soon open.  Andri Snær lives in Karfavogur with his wife, a rabbit and four children.,


Pall Einarsson is one of the first entrepreneurs that moved in to Toppstodin and lend a big helping hand in the build up of the facilities. Pall is a product designer from the Icelandic academy of the arts and is currently employed at OK Hull ehf.  For a time Pall worked as a teacher at the academy of arts in Iceland and at the Idnskolinn at Hafnarfjordur he also worked on his own projects.


Gudmundur S. Petursson was born in 1956. He is from the north of Iceland in Skagafjordur. at eighteen years old he became a farmer but quickly decided to study more and became an electric machinist. After that he graduated from Odense teknikum in Denmark as a technical engineer. He lived in Denmark for three years and then moved back to Iceland and started working for Rarik and then for an engineering firm for a while.  Today Gudmundur is employed at Landsvirkjun and handles quality and safety management and has done so since 1999.  Gudmundur enjoys social affairs and is a strong supporter of innovation and entrepreneurs of the next generation.

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