Your own Initiative

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Own InitiativeA new option developed by Innovation Center and the directory of labor was started on the 1st of September 2011. People seeking jobs and are insured by the unemployment insurance system can now attend and get support on how to start up their own company based on their own business idea. More information on the Innovation Center website.


Grants for entrepreneurs and designers

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Deadlines for the following research grants for entrepreurs and designers close in September.

Good luck


Carla Latijnhouwers introduced the Cradle to Cradle concept

By admin, 18/08/2011 16:53

In times of speed and consumption it is vital to take good consideration of the nature. Carla Latijnhouwers is dutch and currently located in Hamburg and assists designers and companies to make production more sustainable. Her vision for the future is to help companies in making better products, better for human and nature. She visited Toppsodin August 18 and introduced the Cradle to cradle concept which she thinks can be very relevant here in Iceland especially in textile design. Cradle to cradle products are sustainable and you can read more about it on

Toppstodin in cooperation with Dirty South Gallery

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Dirty South Gallery (DSG) is all about talent and helps Nordic talents creating great things especially handmade art, crafts and fashion masterpieces made with heart. As a digital platform Dirty South Gallery exhibits up-and-coming Nordic artist, helping them reach new audiences and establish in local as well as international markets. In addition to the digital exhibitions, physical events are arranged a few times a year. DSG have recently sent out an articla about Toppstöðin where you can read here. All further information about DSG can be found here.

A course in innovation for children held by FAFU

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From 8-12 August FAFU will offer a course in innovation for children from 9-13 years. The subject will be the ideology of innovation and the children will help to identify ideas and opportunities in their surroundings and work with them further. The children will use textiles, paper and other materials to finish rough sketches and prototypes of their ideas. The course will be held at Toppstöðin in Elliðaárdalur and a part of the course will take part outside where the children can look for materials and inspiration. The purpose of the course is to introduce the importance of being creative and preparing ideas well from the beginning to identify obstacles and new angles of the idea. The course will be thought in two groups from 9-12 AM and 1-4 PM. The price is 15.000 ISK. including material cost. Please send an email to to register a child and leave a telephone number and preferred time.

The deadline for the facilities application has been extended until Mai 20th

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A few working spaces are currently available at Toppstöðin and we encourage all entrepreneurs with   to  answered. Further information can be found by sending an email to Valgerður Project Manager at or by calling +354 568 5710.


Lecture about Marketing on the internet will be Mai 19

By admin, 18/05/2011 17:34

Sigríður Ó. Kristjánsdóttir Project manager at Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands will discuss the basics in Marketing on the Internet on Thursday Mai 19th. Sigríður will point out primary elements needed to use the internet to the fullest as a marketing tool. The lecture is open for everybody and entrepreneurs are encouraged to come. Sigríður Ó. Kristjánsdóttir worked in Internet marketing for three years before she began working for Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands.

Design facilities are currently available

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A few working spaces are currently available at Toppstöðin and we encourage all entrepreneurs with diverse projects to apply. The application form can be found on „How to participate?“ and please mail them to before 11 AM Wednesday Mai 18. All applications will be confidential and all will be answered. Further information can be found by sending an email to Valgerður Project Manager at or by calling +354 568 5710.


Applications for summerjobs are in process

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Toppstöðin appreciates how many showed interest in working at Toppstöðin in the summer 2011. All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted.

Puzzled by Iceland supports UNICEF

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Puzzled by Iceland published a new jigsaw puzzle „Mothers love“ in cooperation with Unicef and celebrated on Mothers day by having an open house. Many people were in Elliðaárdalur in beautiful weather and dropped by at Toppstöðin. Miss Vigdís Finnbogdóttir, former president of Iceland and guardian of the Unicef World Parent program received the first jigsaw puzzle. She has always been very interested in matters related to mother and child and has collected such items since she was at Bessastaðir. „Nothing is better done in this world than taken good care of our children because they are the echo of ourselves. If our children don’t feel good in this world it is because we adults have not done a great job“ said Vigdís at the presentation.


Stefán Ingi Stefánsson, the CEO of Unicef in Iceland also gave a speech as the cooperation between Puzzled by Iceland and Unicef began at this event. ,,The name of the project we are doing Mothers love fit incredibly well with what both Unicef and Puzzled by Iceland are doing. We are grateful to participate and to be here today“. Unicef has been a leader in helping children over 60 years.


The cooperation:

500 ISK of each puzzles sales value will go directly to Unicef. For 500 ISK it is possible to provide 60 doses of salt solution which help to prevent dehydration and diarrhea with young children or 28 doses of vaccine against infantile paralysis for children.

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