October 29, 2020

How To Cut Tree Branches With Pole Saw


You want the pole saw to be at an angle while you cut. But there are a lot of good reasons for using a manual pole saw or pruner as well.

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Safer ways to cut down high branches.

How to cut tree branches with pole saw. It’s an ideal pole saw when it comes to trimming small branches and pruning hardwood with precision. Pole saws on amazon → a pole saw is best described as a pruning saw attached to the end of a pole. If you are planning to purchase a pole pruner, first access the height of the branch or the limb that needs cutting.

What is the purpose of a pole saw? There are a few safer methods for trimming trees rather than climbing them and using a standard chainsaw. This position will reduce your chances of injury when the wood falls out of the tree.

Pole saws are designed to cut and prune tree limbs. This cut, called the notch cut, will prevent the bark from peeling down into the trunk of the tree when you make your next cut. Pole saw is an incredible tool which is widely used to cut tree branches.

To cut or trim a branch that is high on the tree without using a ladder Few safety tips should follow during cutting first of all, above your house or power lines, if your tree branches have grown up, then you have to remove it for your safety issues. The correct position for using a pole saw is to stand off to the side of the branch, not directly below it.

Make 1 partial cut on the limb close to the tree trunk, then make a second cut a little further down on the limb to remove most of the branch. If you are trimming the ends of the branches you can use a step ladder while holding a pole pruner or pole saw. But trust me, learning tree pole saw is not rocket science that you will need months of pole saw training.

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Manual poles can be heavy and it is okay to pause and to take breaks in between. Holding the tool, move to a place where you can hold your end at chest level while standing well off to the side of the limb, never below it. The first reason would be the height of the trees, yes you can trim branches up to 15 feet of the ground with a powered pole saw and if you want to take the risk, you can get up on a ladder to add some extra height though i really do advise against taking this risk.

Once the main branches have been removed you can hopefully, finally, cut down the main trunk from the ground using the proper technique with your reciprocating saw or with a chain saw. From there, measure a couple of feet down the length of the branch and cut a small notch with your pole saw on the underside of it (approximately 1/4 of the way through). The safest way to trim high tree branches is to use an using a telescopic pole saw, some of these saws can extend 26 ft (8 m) or higher.i personally use one to save time with a ladder, on top of having a chain saw to use depending on the job.

Deviating from that can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Surprisingly, one of my friends referred this pole saw, and that is the 26 foot length tree pole pruner hand saw from garden tools. Relieve some of the weight

Never attempt to cut branches close to or above power lines. How to cut tree limbs or branches using a pole pruner. Instead of using a ladder, consider getting yourself a nice pole saw.

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How to use a pole saw is the great article for the pole lovers. If you are cutting the branch off at the trunk end you can use an extension ladder against the tree trunk which can get you much higher into the canopy. Use a pruning saw for branches under 4 inches in diameter and a chain saw for larger branches.

Now, reposition the saw to your cutting spot, with its weight resting on the branch (unless you are making a jump cut). With both hands, bring your pole saw to a vertical position and pause there to control its weight. It can extend up to 26 feet so it can cut or trim the branches like palm trees.

Finally, i got this pole saw that fits with my requirements, and i would like to share my experience with the product in this article. You will want the step ladder to be firmly held by someone else while you are working. 5 make a second cut slightly farther out on the top side of the branch.

Stand safely on solid ground and extend its telescoping pole to gain up to 15 ft. This unit comes with a 20v 4ah battery and a charger to get you started right off the bat. If you know how to use a pole saw, then you will also find it really simple.

Traditional bow saws are lightweight and super sharp, great for clearing brush and cutting thick. Do not use the saw to cut bushes, shrubs, trees and plants. Lastly, cutting of thick branches can be risky.

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Make sure you can hold the end of your pole saw at chest level too. But if you are a beginner, then using this tool could be a scary task for you. A pole pruner is an equipment that will make your cutting very simple and quick.

Tree saws, bow saws and folding saws are three unique tools that all share one purpose: As for my tree, as it turns out the trunk is fairly straight and instead of cutting it down, i've decided to make it into a totem pole.

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